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Blessed Wiccs moves from home business to storefront

MUNCIE, IND. ---- There are a variety of candle shops around the Muncie area, however, Blessed Wiccs stands out in the candle business. Blessed Wiccs was created during the pandemic in Christy Anderson’s home. 

Her first storefront was right inside of her garage. When Blessed Wiccs was created, Anderson founded the business out of two core values: quality and safety.

She did her own research, which ignited her interest in creating her business. 

“So, I initially created Blessed Wiccs during the pandemic when I couldn’t go out to the store and buy my own candles. So, I started my own research into candle making, and I found out the different dangers of manufactured candles.”

Now that Blessed Wiccs has officially moved locations and has their own storefront, the business offers a variety of products and services.

Anderson has also been able to give back to the local community through her business.

“We do fundraisers all the time, and we are currently doing one right now. We also have a candle bar where customers can come in and create a custom made candle with over 200 scents.” 

Blessed Wiccs recently hit their sixth month anniversary in transporting the business from their garage to their very own building. To find out more information about the business in general, check out their website.

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