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A chilly Fall Break ahead

A chilly Fall Break is on the horizon, as we will have a cold front move through tonight, bringing us a chilly weekend and the start of next week.

Tonight: Showers linger as a cold front passes through. Lows dip into the mid-50s, with breezy conditions at times.

Tomorrow: Cooler than today, with highs in the mid-60s, and partly cloudy skies. Skies are mostly sunny to start the day, and continue that way until the late afternoon, where we could see scattered showers, but nothing like he rain we had for today.

Weekend: The cooldown continues into the weekend, with a slight rain chance on Saturday. It'll be chilly an breezy both days with partly cloudy skies and highs in the mid-50s.

7-Day: Highs in the 50s will also bring very cold overnight lows, where we could plummet into the 30s at times! There is a slight rain chance early Monday morning, but mostly sunny skies for the day. Sunny for Tuesday, back in the 60s. Our next rain chance looks possible as early as Wednesday or Thursday.

-----Weather Forecaster Lance Huffman

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