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Warmer temperatures before fall

Today: There will be sunshine for most of the day with some occasional overhead clouds. Temperatures will climb to a very comfortable 72 degrees, with a very light wind chill.

Tonight: Temperatures will drop significantly before the end of the night, settling into a low of 47 degrees. Winds will stay relatively low but it will be a chilly night, with a slight chance of rain but not much expected. Have a jacket with you as the night begins to bring fall temperatures!

Tomorrow: We'll start the morning of with a chilly low of 49 degrees, but we'll see the temperature start to rise and reach 71 degrees by noon. By 5pm we can expect temperatures to hit the mid-70s with partly cloudy skies, before slowly falling again for the night.

7- Day Forecast: Temperatures will begin to rise throughout the week as we approach the beginning of fall. You can expect to see temperatures in the mid-80s for the rest of the week, with partly cloudy skies. On Thursday, the sun should be shining in its full glory! The temperatures begin to fall back into the 70s by the weekend however, with a high of 77 on Saturday, marking the first official day of Fall, and a great day for some Ball State Football! Temperatures will once again drop on Sunday with a high of 72, expect rain in the morning and the evening with a 60% of scattered showers throughout the day.

-Weather Forecaster Kaleb Murray

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