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Urban garden opening on Muncie’s southside

MUNCIE, Ind. -- A local group is trying their hand in combatting food desert problems on Muncie’s southside.

Recently, Plank Brothers Bicycle Co. provided a nearly two-acre plot of land to create what they are calling the “Common Ground Urban Farm.” The goal is to help restore local ecosystem services while also providing economic growth through profitable food and flower product sales. 

According to the project proposal and business plan, the farm design will prioritize sustainable building solutions and products while utilizing community volunteerism for construction and management of the space.  

“It definitely dedicated to impacting the local food system," Emily Hayes of Plank Brother’s Urban Farm said. Hayes said the group is looking to “improving the local communities relationship with their food and where it is coming from and help provide food for people in an area that is considered a food desert.”  

If you would like to lend a hand, you can find more information on volunteering on The Common Market’s Facebook and Instagram pages.  

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