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Ultimate Frisbee begins season

MUNCIE, Ind. -- Ball State Club Ultimate Frisbee is in the midst of another season. 

This year's Cardinals squad opened their campaign this past weekend with a tournament at Illinois State where they earned a 3-4 record.

The Cards, led by captains Kelsen Bartley and Luke Titus, look to start the year off right with a combination of seasoned players and newcomers brand new to the sport itself. 

The squad’s returning players will look to not only prioritize improving their own skills as the season progresses but toss some veteran knowledge over to the new players to get them caught up to speed. Team Captain Luke Titus is proud of the work they’ve been putting in.

“We’ve been practicing three days a week, we’re learning new offenses and defenses," Titus says.

He’s also proud of how they’ve been putting an emphasis on teaching the new players the game and improving their overall skills.

“We’re also getting the new guys lots of reps with the frisbee”, he noted. “Just getting a lot of new guys this year and bringing back a lot of old guys”.

However, it’s not just skill development that is being made a priority for the Ultimate Frisbee squad Titus emphasized the importance of making sure the Cards are having fun as well.

“Overall we just want to have a good time out here, get some new guys involved”. Titus said. 

Ball State Club Ultimate Frisbee will continue their season in the coming weeks with a tournament at Kentucky on October 7 and 8.

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