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Sunny skies and warm temperatures

Today: Warm temperatures and sunny skies persist throughout the day. Winds remain relatively calm.

Tonight: Temperatures drop down into the upper 40's with a low of 48 for tonight. Wearing a light jacket in those early morning hours might be a good idea. Patchy fog will move into the area early Friday morning around 4 am and last until 8 am. So if you're commuting early Friday, you might see some fog.

Tomorrow: Temperatures will warm up to a high of 77 with sunny skies. Winds continue to remain calm.

7-Day Forecast: It will be a lovely end to the week with tempertures staying in the mid-to-upper 70s. The weekend will also bring warm temeratures with a slight chance of isolated showers overnight Saturday and into early Sunday morning. As we move into the afternoon on Sunday, mostly sunny skies will persist with a few clouds here and there. This is the ideal forecast for Family Weekend, so enjoy those warm temperatures! Next week, southerly winds will bring warmer temperatures with highs in the low 80s. Overall, sunny conditions and warm temperatures will dominate for the next 7 days.

-Weather Forecaster Izzy Collins

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