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Snakes, lizards and birds, oh my: Muncie hosts exotic pet expo

MUNCIE, Ind.---The Delaware County Fairgrounds brought its A-game this past Sunday with a showcase of dozens of exotic animals.

Over 20 vendors are hosted bi-monthly at the Muncie Exotic Pet Expo, allowing for the community to see a range of animals like baby snakes and giant camels. Ron Billingsly, the show promoter, commented on how versatile the expo is becoming.

“As the show grew, we started taking in exotic mammals, tropical birds, small animals we call pocket pets, which are guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, stuff like that," Billingsly said.

To add some fun and make it a more personal experience for visitors, some vendors let expo-goers touch and hold exotic animals, too.

“I’m here visiting today to meet some exotic creatures, and today I have Carmella with me," Ball State student Ryn Mackey said.

Carmella was not a friend that tagged along with her, though, it was a small snake lightly wrapped around her arm.

A portion of the expo is dedicated solely to showcasing the animals that vendors have, but there are also opportunities to buy exotic pets to take home. Not only that, but visitors can also buy pet supplies and souvenirs made by local vendors.

For more information on the vendors or to attend the next showcase, visit “Indiana Exotic Pet Expo / Muncie” on Facebook.

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