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1000 Flags of Honor at Minnetrista

The Exchange Club of Muncie is working to bring the community together with this yearly event

MUNCIE, Ind. – The Minnetrista Museum and Gardens Center is dressed to the nines yet again with nearly one thousand American flags. This annual ceremony is in partnership with the Exchange Club of Muncie, an organization dedicated to the Muncie community.

“We have people with kids coming by, and I think that’s one of the things the community uses,” Muncie Exchange Club member Jim Pyle said. "For their children to see a patriotic display such as this.”

Though the Flags of Honor event pays homage to those lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Exchange Club of Muncie notes that the event is so much more. Veterans and fallen heroes like firefighters and police officers are honored as well.

“And so we not only, as Jim said, give the young people an opportunity to know a little bit more about Americanism and patriotism and sacrifices that those who have gone before have made,” Jim Koons, another member of the Muncie Exchange Club, said.

Beyond being a learning device for children, community members also take away something special from the ceremony. Muncie resident Emma Baysinger is no different.

“With my grandfather being a war veteran, it’s really beautiful to see that they’re doing something like this to honor those who served," she said.

The Exchange Club of Muncie’s mission statement is to “inspire communities to become better places to live,” according to their website. Through events like this, they can work toward building a better community for Muncie. 

The Flags of Honor at Minnetrista is displayed from Sept. 4-11.

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