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New Fitness Club Has CHAARG’d onto Campus

CHAARG's logo. Abigail DeSimone, photo provided
CHAARG's logo. Abigail DeSimone, photo provided

MUNCIE, Ind.– A new club has come to campus aimed to help women feel more confident in the gym. Abigail DeSimone, CHAARG’s ambassador, says the interest in the club is bigger than she anticipated.

“So many people have showed that like they really want something like this because they don't know how to work out at the rec,” DeSimone said. “There are so many just like male presences there and so it was like really important to me to bring something that I knew that other girls would appreciate like I did.” 

According to chaarg.com, their mission is “to “liberate girls from the elliptical,” show them that fitness can, be fun and that working out is better with friends!”

To bring the club to Ball State, DeSimone had to go through both CHAARG and the university.

“So through CHAARG, I had to go through like a 10 or so week program where every week we went through like a Canvas type deal where we just had different weeks where we had to do just like big learning things,” DeSimone said. “ I had to go through every single position and learn what they did.”

CHAARG’s first meeting was Aug. 29, which included a sample workout of drumming cardio. 

“It's super cool, works the whole body, that type of thing. That was super cool. And then we had a, we had our first social this past Tuesday where we had a bunch of new members come out and make flower bouquets,” DeSimone said. 

For more information on joining CHAARG, go to @ballstateu_inchaarg on Instagram.

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