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Lafollette Hall Site Revamped

The former dorm location has been turned into a new green space

Abigail Urban, NewsLink Indiana
Abigail Urban, NewsLink Indiana

MUNCIE, Ind – After years of renovation, the site of Lafollette Hall has become a new campus green space.

Historic Lafollete Hall opened in 1967 and was home to hundreds and thousands of Ball State Residents for over its 50 years of existence.

Even though the nearby residence halls of Cramicheal, Johnson A and Johnson B were renovated, it was decided that Lafollette would be torn down. The demolition of the building began in 2017, being completely torn down last school year.

“This project has been almost 15 years in the making,” said Jim Lowe, associate vice president for facilities planning and management.

This new green space on top of Lafollete Hall has repurposed limestone pillars from inside the original building along with the base and grout being ground-up pieces of Lafollette. 

Lowe said the purpose of this project was “ to create a space outside of buildings where students could chill and destress… The campus is trying to create more and more green spaces to give students somewhere to go.”

Along with spaces to sit, wifi is also able to reach this green space.

Although the space isn't completely done, more furniture will be added in the coming weeks. 

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