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Muncie hosts at-large city council forum

MUNCIE, Ind.—- On Wednesday night, the candidates for City Council, City Clerk, and City Judge gathered at Muncie Central High School to debate in front of community members. The event was put on by The League of Women Voters. 

The candidates discussed various topics, but, most of the spotlight was on the seven people running for City Council. 


  • City ordinances are being brought to the Council’s attention to be voted on.  

  • What council members will do about the various abandoned houses in the city. Some members discussed revitalizing these properties, while others said they should be torn down. 

  • Building solar fields, the benefits and drawbacks of creating them. 

  • The Muncie Mall. Candidates debated on what could be done about the struggling Muncie Mall. Some suggested trying to bring back businesses to the mall. Other Council candidates noted that the mall is still privately owned, so the Council wouldn’t be able to do much with the property itself. 

One topic was debated with the Council candidates as well as the City Judge candidate Amanda Dunnuck (D), and that was addressing the heavy addiction problem in the community. 

Judge Dunnuck said she has gotten misdemeanor drug charges from 9,000 cases to 4,000 over her time serving as City Judge. Council candidates discussed ideas to fix the drug problem, such as working closely with rehabilitation organizations and getting the word out on the streets about rehab options. 

A topic brought up among the City Council at Large candidates was keeping businesses in Muncie. Republican Council candidate Aaron Clark said he wants to support current business in the city.

 “There are businesses that are looking to expand, we need to support those opportunities for expansion for those businesses,” Clark said.

Democratic candidate William MacIntosh wants to focus on creating liveable waged jobs for residents in Muncie. 

“If we create jobs, we got to create jobs. Somehow. We got to get some way where people can spend the dollars,” MacIntosh said. 

The candidates that debated 

Muncie Mayor 

Dan Ridenour, R

Tony Cox, R 

Jeff Robinson, D

City Council At Large 

Dale Basham, R 

Aaron Clark, R

Ro Selvey, R

Marwin Strong, R 

Audie Barber, D 

William MacIntosh, D 

City Clerk 

Norma Norman, D

Belinda Munson, R

City Judge 

No republican candidate filed. 

Amanda Dunnuck (D) 

The Delaware county community will be able to vote for Mayor, City Council, City Clerk and City Judge at the polls November 7.

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