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Muncie celebrates with 9th semiannual Bridge Dinner

MUNCIE, Ind. -- On Thursday, Sept. 21, community members attended the ninth semiannual Muncie Bridge Dinner. Local food vendors and shops were lined up on Washington Street Bridge. Underneath, kayaks were available to take a ride down the river. 

“We do it every fall and every spring, as long as the weather and Covid lets us. It has been a wonderful event to be a part of. It gets the community together, and has morphed and changed over the years,” Krista Flynn, Bridge Dinner Committee Member, said.

The event originally began in the fall of 2017. Over 10 sponsors continuously support the event. After a two year break due to the pandemic, the Bridge Dinner returned in the spring of 2022, according to Flynn. Since then, the city has been able to throw this event on its regular, spring and fall schedule.

“We have received grants and been able to hand out vouchers to people who live in [Riverside Normal City and the Old West End]. They can come and enjoy the food trucks here since it is right in their backyard,” Flynn said.

After a speech by author Peter Kageyama in the spring of 2017, the city of Muncie felt encouraged to host an event that promoted a sense of community. The goal was to bring all citizens together for a dinner at a location that connects two sides of the central city.

“Lately the past few bridge members have really tried to get Ball State students to come to the event because it is a bridge from campus to downtown. Now that they are off campus, they can take a few steps further and enjoy downtown Muncie,” Flynn said.

With a full bridge and plates, the fall occasion was an effective way to achieve the goals of the Bridge Dinner Committee. All members of this board were excited to see their plans come to life.

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