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Morell’s Scooters provide another mode of transportation on campus

MUNCIE, Ind. —  A new mode of transportation has surfaced on the campus of Ball State. 

Morrell’s Scooters is a rental company that provides scooters for students and requires an app to rent them.. The scooters are primarily located in the parking spots of Botsford/Swinford residence hall and the Bracken Library and are used to get from place to place quickly. The scooters could be an alternative for people who have trouble walking and need to get across campus quickly. Ronald Morrell, CEO of Morrell’s Scooters explained that checks are made periodically to regularly maintain the scooters. 

“We go and check every scooter everyday,” Morrell said.

One student at Ball State agreed with Morrell’s idea on maintaining the scooters’ condition. 

“You might need to make sure you keep the scooters in a bike rack,” Emily Coy, freshman at Ball State said. 

Another Ball State Student talks about the convenience the scooters provide.

“Convenience wise, it’s great,” Freshman Emma Howell of Ball State University said. “They go so fast, I am in awe of them everytime. I’m like ‘I could get to class so much easier.’”

Sophomore Hayley Krawisz expressed her issue with the lack of parking spaces for the scooters when making her way to her classes. 

“It’s convenient for a few things,” Krawisz said. “It’s obviously very fast so it can get you from place to place, especially when it’s far. The only problem I have here is the parking situation and I find the parking is too far for my class.” 

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