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Cooling temperatures and brief rain

Tonight: This evening we will cool down to 68 F before rain arrives around midnight tonight. If you are staying out late, make sure to bring an umbrella!

Tomorrow: Those rains arriving this evening will stick around the whole morning. Showers should begin to dissipate around noon. Our high for the day will be 70 F. It will be a similarly mild evening with temperatures at 69 F.

7-Day Forecast: Tuesday will start out with showers throughout the morning, but they will leave Muncie around noon. Afterwards, we will see a cool week as we head into the weekend. Friday will see warming temperatures with a high of 74 F. Rain will return late Sunday and potentially dip into Monday morning to begin next week. It should be a very pleasant week with a lot of opportunities for clear skies. With tomorrow as the exception, the most you will need to bring is a wind-breaker. 

- Weather Forecaster Ian Kowalski

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