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College of Science and Humanities hosts grand opening of new ‘Success Hub’

Luke Barnes, NewsLink Indiana
Luke Barnes, NewsLink Indiana

MUNCIE, Ind.---After over two years of preparation, Ball State University’s College of Science and Humanities celebrated their plan to streamline academic achievement with their grand opening of the CSH Success Hub Thursday. This initiative provides a new avenue for student mentorship.

The Success Hub serves as an outlet for a variety of student problems such as academic success, mental and physical health, career planning, and more. “We’re here to help students navigate being successful at Ball State,” said Patrick Collier, Assistant Dean of the CSH Success Hub.

Students can find themselves in an environment furnished with comfortable chairs, accompanied by helpful, willing individuals known as Success Ambassadors. The SAs are there to assist with any problem a student may have. Collier says he takes pride in his staff.

“I would say our staff is our greatest asset right now,” Collier said. Members include four graduate assistants, two of which have training in psychology.

The hub is located on the southside of campus in North Quad 160, a common location for new students to meet with advisers as well as other aid. Having this service in such an accessible location plays a huge role in its success.

“We have a lot of resources, but it’s not that easy to find them sometimes,” Collier said. "We want to be a place where you can come, and we can get you to wherever you need to be as quickly as possible.”

The opening of the Success Hub coincides with the plan Ball State University strives to execute daily.

When referencing this plan, Collier simplified the goal by saying, “if we admit you, we’re committing to do everything we possibly can to be able to here, graduate in a timely matter, and with success, however you define it.”

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