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BSU counseling practicum students organize meditation series

MUNCIE, Ind.--- As Ball State classes start back up, students and community members can find ways to decompress through mindful meditation.

BSU Working Well and counseling practicum students have put together a series of dates for Ball State students and the Muncie community to participate in a class of mindful meditation. This 20-30 minute class of mindful meditation is meant for people to realign their priorities in life, decompress, and overall reset.

While thinking about our students on campus, member Toren Scott said, “I use mindfulness to help stay focus and engaged in [my] current task and will allow [myself] to get a lot more things accomplished and retain more information.”

These meditation sessions are usually outside in areas ranging from greenhouses to forests. That way, the class can relax and enjoy the weather, while also going through guided meditation.

“The idea of mindfulness is a good way to stay present and allow yourself to not let everything’s else affect your thought processes,” Scott said.

Scott said the class was "a nice break from your day to day life."

"I used to use meditation from an injury when I was in the Navy," Scott said. "Detaching from that is an interesting feeling and transition for me and using it as more of a mindfulness technique has been helpful.”

Mindful meditation is for everyone, and there is no previous experience needed for you to get started. Sign up and check out the future dates on the Ball State Calendar of Events.

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