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Botsford/Swinford Hall holds baking fun for residents

MUNCIE, Ind. — Monday, residents from Botsford/Swinford got the chance to get creative and decorate cupcakes for The Great Botswin Baking show.

Students were able to either participate as contestants or as production crew.

“We loved having people be apart of the cupcake decorating teams and production team,” said Botsford/Swinford, APM Daniel Botros.

On top of being able to participate in the event, students involved were able to talk to guest judges Christina and David Arquette.

Christina and David were on the panel of judges for The Great Botswin Baking show and were able to actually taste some of these creations.

Not only was this event a fun way to meet other residents, but it was also a way to build experience.

“Especially with their specific field, I think it gives them a great interest to exploring what kind of passions they would want to pursue in the future,” Botros explained.

"This event also helps develop some skill sets, production wise, like problem solving and creativity,” Botros said.

Botsford/Swinford plans on hosting more events just like this one with the next being held on Sept. 29.

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