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A vibrant fall

An explanation into what fall foliage is and when you can expect to see peak colors here in east-central Indiana.

Fall foliage simply refers to the leaves on trees changing colors. When this happens, the green chlorophyll dies away, revealing the vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds that paint the fall scene.

The Best Conditions for the Most Vibrant Colors

The summer season can depict how colorful fall will be. A lot of moisture and an abundance of sunshine will lead to more vibrant colors of reds and oranges. On the flip side, a dry and cloudy summer will fill the scenery with browns and yellows.

As the seasons start to change, warm, sunny days with cool (but not freezing) nights are prime to the most brilliant colors. Once frosts and freezes start to fall upon the region, the landscape will start to turn brown and eventually the leaves will fall off the trees.

Indiana's Peak Colors

It varies year to year, but east-central Indiana typically sees peak color mid-to-late October. Northern Indiana generally sees peak color first and the peak gradually travels south. Our current weather pattern is favorable for a early start to foliage--the warm days and cool, calm nights, hence why parts of trees have already started to change color, yet, as the days turn cooler and the nights turn cold, the leaves will start to fall and the colorful backdrop will diminish.

Around the nation, the north has already begun to see a colorful landscape take shape. The New England region is known for their amazing showcase of colors. Vermont brings in crowds from all over the country to get a glimpse of the incredible colors the rolling hills offer. A bit closer to home, the Upper Penninsula of Michigan ranks in the top 20 of many travel websites for best places to see fall foliage. Here, you are able to view the beautiful fall scene along the banks of Lake Michigan.

If you're looking to stay in Indiana but still want to experience some of the most vibrant colors in the nation, head to Brown County State Park! Only a 2 hour drive from Muncie, Brown County offers a beautiful scenery with rolling hills of colorful trees.

No matter where you are, fall foliage is a beautiful time of the year. We want to see your pictures! Email your pictures to nliweather@gmail.com and they could be posted to our socials!

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
- Albert Camus