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Community members join for a prayer vigil after mass shooting

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) --- After gunfire erupted on Hackley St. and Willard St. Sunday morning, community members came back the next day to that spot for a prayer vigil. 

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Many in attendance were family and friends of the victims or were at the block party that night. They shared tears and prayers while having the opportunity to talk about what happened. 

A small memorial was also created on the corner of the streets with the hashtag #JoeBlock, in memory of Joseph Bonner. Bonner was killed in the shooting. 

Speakers talked about how the community is tight-knit and when tragedy strikes, change needs to happen. 

“We’ve been constantly talking about change and changing but in the process you have these hiccups,” Pastor Andre Mitchell said. “We don’t want this to set us back, we want this to step us up.” 

Lathay Pegues, organizer of the prayer vigil, also touched on the need for change and how people’s ideas can be brought together. 

“I wish we all really understood how much potential we have in this community,” Pegues said. 

Another prayer vigil will be held at Berea Church at 7 p.m..

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