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Women’s Golf prepare for postseason

The MAC Championship takes place this weekend.

MUNCIE, INDIANA.--- Preparation is key at the Delaware Country Club for the Ball State Women's Golf team. With the postseason just days away, the Cardinals look to improve one putt at a time. 

"We're here every day to just get a little bit better,” first-year head coach Cameron Andry said. “Golf is a really hard game. The swing comes and goes. There are good days and there are bad days. But what you ultimately build your game on is how consistent you are with your process."

With their season starting last September, the road ends this weekend for the MAC Championship taking place at Western Michigan University.

"Definitely having a fall and spring season is more challenging than other sports, we don't really get a break. But it does give us a lot of time to grow as players” first-year player Sarah Gallagher said. “Also, getting used to the experience as a freshman so we can be at our top level when it comes to conference and the end of spring."

"We've got to get into the right mentality that we've got to just go compete,” Andry said.  “Whatever we've got to do when we go and get there, and if the best that we've got on a particular day is a 72, then let's shoot 72 and not make it 75."

Throughout the whole year, every single Cardinal embraces their time in Muncie. 

"I think the thought around college golf is that you know that it's going to be a lot, but having your team around you makes it way more enjoyable,” Gallagher said. “And being here, even as hard as it is it's always rewarding and a really great experience." 

Gallagher and the rest of the Cardinals look to soar in Kalamazoo, Michigan this weekend. The competition will begin on Friday and wrap up on Sunday. 

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