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Warm and stormy weekend

Today - There will be a 20% chance of showers throughout the day, with a high of 78°F. It will be partly cloudy throughout the rest of the day. Watch out for a second wave of storms moving in at 5 pm today, which will stick around into the evening.

Tonight - It will be 64°F this evening, with chances of showers until midnight. It would be wise to prepare for the chance of rain showers this evening if you are headed out tonight.

Tomorrow - It will be a much clearer day with a high of 79°F. While much of Indiana will be hit by storms , expect them to miss Muncie. It will be partly cloudy Saturday as well. Winds will only reach a maximum of 10 mph.

7-Day Forecast: This weekend will be a rainy one. Despite storms missing us Saturday, we will have a 80% chance of storms on Sunday, and 60% chance on Monday. Monday will also see us cool down to 45°F, but we will warm back up to 75°F by Thursday. These warm temperatures will continue to bring in more storms as we move into the rest of the month, so keep an eye on the forecast while we warm up late next week.

-- Weather Forecaster Ian Kowalski

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