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National Stress Awareness Month

MUNCIE, INDIANA. --- April is National Stress Awareness month. This month highly resonates with college students as finals week quickly approaches.  

Between exams, unknown futures, and various extracurricular activities, some students feel they cannot catch a break as their stress levels increase toward the end of the academic year.  

For student Noelia Arichavala, her stress does not necessarily come with final exams: “My biggest cause of stress is how much I have on my plate,”.  

Arichavala copes best with stress by writing assignments down in her planner.  

According to another student, Shelby Oliver, “My biggest stress is [the unknown] of my future because I don’t know what college I need to go to for med school.”  

Oliver manages her stress by continuing to investigate and research possible medical schools to attend after her time at Ball State University. However, coping with stress looks different for each person. In fact, the biggest relief, according to these students, has been the recent warmer weather.  

Arichavala explains, “[Sunday] was the first really good day and ever since then, people have just been outside in their hammocks… and it’s just a really good thing to see.”  

Not alone in her opinion, Oliver states that “[The weather] has really helped [with stress] and everybody looks like they’re in a better mood.” 

The feeling of stress is a common, frustrating feeling but can be remedied with vitamin D. Hammocks, walking dogs, hikes, or just spending time outside are just a few examples of ways to get involved outdoors. No matter the stressor, the grass is never too far away.  

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