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Calmer and warmer conditions to dominate weather picture ahead

Tonight: Chilly weather is blowing in on the wind! Temps tumbling through the upper 40s to mid 30s could be accompanied by wind gusts to 30 mph initially, but we are expecting those to slacken off overnight. Regardless, a very shocking feel given the face we were in the lower to mid 70s here yesterday!

Tomorrow: Clear skies and much calmer conditions will accompany a much warmer feeling day as we roll into the lower 50s tomorrow. Okay, that might be slightly below our average by 5-7 degrees, but it should only be up from there as the high pressure that brings us these more tranquil conditions becomes more dominant.

7-day Forecast: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Quoting Queen and their hit from the 70s, as not only do we expect the groovy 70s to return around or after the weekend, but we could be talking weather more typical of late-May or early-June!! Ready to break out the shorts? I am!

-- Weather Forecaster Ryan Hill

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