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Ball State softball pitcher stands out among the rest

Angelina Russo`s impact on Ball State softball is massive.

MUNCIE, INDIANA. – Ball State softball pitcher, Angelina Russo, has had a big impact on her team. 

She comes off a freshman campaign with success, winning multiple awards. Expectations are high, and she knows that as well.

“I did have big expectations for myself. I expected myself to do the same thing that I did and then better. I had to kind of change those expectations because they were just too much to put on anybody, especially yourself,” Russo said. 

Russo is up to the challenge, saying “I just wanted to be good enough for my team to win the Mac Championship and would be good enough to take us home.” 

Russo stands out among her team, being unique in the way she plays. Both her and head coach, Lacy Schurr, speak on what makes Russo so unique as a player, and a person. 

“Gritty, do whatever it takes, doesn't matter if you have your A, B or C game, you just try to work with what you got and get it done,” Russo said. 

Coach Schurr says, “As a player she definitely brings a special change up and not a lot of people are going to be able to barrel that pitch up. As a person, that's the part that just makes me smile about Lina, she is so much fun off the field, her personality. She just brings a lot to this program.” 

Russo and the Cardinals will finish their series in Western Michigan tomorrow afternoon. 

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