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Police continue to investigate the disappearance of 14-year-old

EATON, INDIANA. (NEWSLINK) – Searches for 14-year-old Scottie Morris of Eaton are on hold as the Eaton Police Department continues to investigate with working leads. 

According to a press release from the Eaton Police Department per Facebook, Indiana Department of Resources are available to search in nearby water with boats, sonar and drones if needed. A meeting with multiple law enforcement agencies and a “federal organization” took place Tuesday. 

This comes after searches in and around Eaton spanned from Thursday to Monday. Morris was last seen leaving his home on East Indiana Avenue just before 8:30 p.m. Thursday. He was wearing a white shirt with black lettering, red and black shorts and black shoes along with glasses. A Silver Alert sent out on Thursday indicated he could be in extreme danger. 

Eaton Police Chief Jay Turner said his officers were at Morris’s home within about three minutes after they were told about his disappearance. 

"My officer called me. We came in and started searching...and we've been searching ever since,” Eaton Police Chief Jay Turner said. 

DNR boat crews, Indiana State Police helicopters, Grant County K-9 units along with other nearby departments joined Eaton Police in the search over the weekend. Turner said more volunteer offers came in as they prepared for another search Monday morning.  

"We've utilized every resource that's available to us,” Turner said. 

Turner also said help from the community has been an outpour including donations given to search crews and law enforcement. Meanwhile, doors of local churches, like Grace and Mercy Gospel Church, are open for those who cannot search but want to show their support. 

"That night, our pastor woke up randomly at 3:00 a.m. or so, and she felt as though 'Okay, we've got to do something more,’” Sunday school teacher Chynia Cain said.

The church hosted a silent prayer Saturday and Sunday, and plans to host another this Thursday. Cain said candles have been lit on the altar every day to light the way home as many put themselves in Morris's family's shoes. 

"I am a mom of three...and I could not imagine how that mother feels, knowing her son is lost,” Cain said. 

At Delta Middle School, volunteers gathered to pass out and hang up 'missing person' flyers across Delaware County Sunday. In a statement, Delaware Community School Corporation Superintendent Greg Kile said the corporation is "dedicated to assisting law enforcement officers in any way they can'' in the search for Morris. 

As the investigation continues, Turner urges viewers to call the Eaton Police Department with any tips on Morris, send security camera footage from the weekend and be mindful when posting on social media.

"This is a family dealing with the loss of a son whether you agree with parenting or not,” Turner said. “Please be respectful of that."

If you have any information on Morris, contact the Eaton Police Department at (765)-396-3297. Stay up to date with the investigation, searches and volunteer efforts on the Eaton Police Department Facebook page. 


  • 14 years old

  • Attends Delta Middle School

  • White male

  • 5’ 4”

  • 150 lbs.

  • Brown hair

  • Blue eyes

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