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Rain tonight and tomorrow

Tonight- A beautiful day out on campus today but the rain moved in around 6PM and it is here to stay for the night. Showers should continue throughout the night and into the morning tomorrow. The low temperature tonight is rather nice sitting at 45 degrees as temperature gradually fall. Winds will be an issue tonight coming in from the south at 20-25 mph with gusts up to 40 mph.

Tomorrow- The rain overnight will continue into the morning and maybe sneak into the early afternoon on St. Patrick's day. The temperature will continue to gradually fall throughout the day so the4 high temperature is actually going to be in the early morning at 45 degrees. The winds are also sticking around from overnight so hold on to your green top hats tomorrow.

7-Day- We are in for a pretty frigid St. Patrick's day weekend with snow chances on Saturday but fortunately things will start to warm up after that. We will be back into the 40s on the first day of spring and back into the 50s for Tuesday and Wednesday.

---- Weather Forecaster Dimitri Gegas

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