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One Ball State grad looks to excel at the NFL Combine

Former Ball State Cornerback Nic Jones answering questions to the media Thursday afternoon.

MUNCIE, INDIANA-- While some students in Muncie get ready for spring break, other college students are ready to change their lives here in Indy. 

For former Ball State cornerback Nic Jones, he's ready to show scouts and coaches his true skill set at the NFL Combine. 

“I’m a long guy,” Jones said when asked about his talents on the football field. “I can clearly play on the outside and be a number one corner. I can be a nickel [cornerback], late-down cover guy in the slot if teams need me to. I think I just have a lot of versatility and knowledge for all the positions in the back end.”  

Jones spent all four years of his collegiate career under coach Mike Neu at Ball State. He explains how important playing for a tough and physical coaching staff helped him to go pro. 

“I love coach Neu and the staff just because of the structure,” Jones said. “They’re strict and accountable. They’re all about the little details. They really prepared me to be a pro.”

Jones is from Detroit, Michigan as he decided to compete for the Cardinals in the last four years. So no matter where the future may take him, Jones still knows that there's no place like home. 

“Nothing really feels more home than Scheumann to me,” Jones said. “Even on the cold, Tuesday night MACtion games when there’s probably 1,000 people there, to me that’s still the greatest feeling ever knowing that’s where home is.”

With the draft less than two months away, Jones still looks for the final piece of the puzzle in his game.

“I think I still have a lot of boxes to check,” Jones said. “I’ve been preparing for so long. I know the player I am, and I know the person I am, so I’m just ready to show everybody.”

With plenty of hard work and dedication, Jones looks to turn his dream into a reality by hearing his name called when April rolls around. 

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