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New Ball State project aims to help homeless

One sustainability class at BSU is looking to provide new shelter for the homeless.

MUNCIE, INDIANA - A new project is coming to the Muncie area in hopes of helping the homeless population. The purpose of the project is to create a tiny house village in Muncie to give unsheltered people a place to live.

The project, which was broken up into two semesters, was built into a pre-existing course that is part of Ball State’s Sustainability minor. Students in the summer class designed the tiny houses, and students in the fall designed the site and the community building. 

“The current plan depends on who you’re talking to, so if you are the city, the plan is to build some of these tiny houses units,” said Sarah Keogh, Project Director of the New Hope In A Tiny Home. “Unfortunately we did lose the original site. So the students work towards designing the site and towards designing the community building are no longer quite specifically relevant anymore.” 

Keogh believes this project could not only help bring some new shelter, but also improve the current community.

“The city is going to be building some of these units on a smaller site, sort of close to Muncie Hub so the residents can take advantage of the social services that are already sort of existing in that spot,” Keogh said

There is no set date of when construction starts, but according to Keogh, construction is expected to begin soon.

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