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New art piece on campus

Ball Sate CAP students have brought a new attraction to campus.

MUNCIE, Indiana—- CAP students have been working on a hands-on project since 2021 and it finally has been finished and put on display. You can check out this project outside the architecture building for students to enjoy on campus. 

The project is an abstract piece that spells the letters “CAP,” as in the architecture program at Ball State, but also students can enjoy studying and hanging out with them.

This project has taken many semesters of students and hard work to make this idea come to life. Steven Polchinski is a Ball State grad student with a bachelors in architecture. He was determined and passionate to make this dream of his a reality.

“His role with the project was meant for a hands on steel project, and a lot of things that the architecture students do is hands off type of things on the computer where you are designing digitally. This was a whole new side of life for CAP students,” Polchinski said. 

Students who helped create this piece learned all kinds of trades, including how to work with steel. Doing things like welding, cutting, moving and overall working with things to push their boundaries.

The CAP students had all kinds of “trials and tribulations” throughout their journey.

“We all learned together and all had these insights to provide based off our experiences and it was just so cool to go into the shop every day and fabricate something as a group,” Polchinski said. 

It was a lengthy, but worth it process for Steven.

“It just has been so cool to see everything come together. It's going to be really cool to see it in person, be able to say I did that, to see where it is on campus now, see students using it and things like that,” Polchinski said. 

The CAP building has many talents and students can’t wait to see what more opportunities the architecture students have in store for us in the future. 

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