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Lily Redmon and Carson Fakes hold a Women’s History Week Event

A Ball State residence hall hold a Women's History Week Event.

MUNCIE, INDIANA. — Resident Assistants, Lily Redmon and Carson Fakes, from the Botsford/Swinford Hall on Ball State’s campus, held a Women’s History week Mystery event Wednesday evening. 

“The purpose of the event was to help educate residents on women's history as well as being a fun way to meet new people and earn snacks and prizes,” Redmon said. 

Several people showed up to the event and upon arrival they were able to draw a number from a bucket and receive clues about a famous woman in history. Once the clues were given the guest had the opportunity to take a guess as to who the famous woman may be. From this trivia game students were able to earn the snacks and prizes. Students were also able to socialize with their resident assistant, as well as other students who attended. 

“The purpose of me being here with Lily today is to help people understand women’s history in case students have not gotten the opportunity to learn that much about the subject matter,” Fakes said. 

Fakes also gave us a little insight to the game and says that, “The trivia game is very fun and educational because it is more of a guess who style game.” 

Fakes and Redmon have yet to announce to students what future event they may have planned, but they say that another event similar will be in the near future.

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