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Intersection of Disability and Reproductive Justice Discussion

Ball State Professors discuss issues that still need to be changed

MUNCIE, INDIANA.---Ball State University had a discussion on Monday, March 20 to discuss the issues and the impacts amongst women and people with disabilities. 

In honor of disability awareness month and women’s history month, the director, Dr. Courtney Jarrett, and assistant director, Betsy Kiel of disability services, hosted an intersected public discussion for students, faculty and others. 

The purpose of this event was for them to collaborate and identify the issues that women and people with disabilities are continuing to face, not only on Ball State's campus but within our society. Members had gathered today because of how urgent these issues needed to be addressed on our campus. 

The discussion had focused on how the disability and reproductive Justice movements need to be set as a higher priority on our agendas. Members shined a light on how important this is and how the rights of women and disabled people are only going to continue to grow.

"Disabled people are stereotyped frequently and their capabilities are assumed because of their physical appearances. Within the healthcare system, especially people with disabilities and women, are experiencing discrimination," Jarrett and Kiel said.

Jarett and Kiel focused the discussion back towards what people can do to support. 

“Check your surroundings and understand how you can help someone that might be blind or be physically unable to do certain things. Be an activist for those," Jarett said.

For more information on how you could get involved with disability services, you can contact their director via email at cjjarrett@bsu.edu. 

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