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Indiana conducts statewide tornado drill

Families, schools, and workplaces are encouraged to review tornado safety plans.

INDIANA--- On Tuesday, as part of Severe Weather Preparedness week, a statewide tornado drill was conducted at 10:15 a.m. to help prepare Hoosiers for possible severe weather. 

In collaboration with the National Weather Service, the state wants its citizens to be aware that it is their responsibility to “test your tornado plans, seeking safe shelter areas.” 

According to their website, the National Weather Service activated the NOAA All Hazards radio and the Emergency Alert System during the drill.

“Local officials activate outdoor warning sirens; deploy responders to damage areas,” said the website. 

If you are unsure where you should shelter in event of a tornado, the CDC recommends going to a basement and avoid rooms with any windows. For added protection, get under something sturdy, such as a heavy table or workbench.

“If you are outside or in a mobile home, find a nearby building, preferably with a basement,” said the CDC. 

To learn more about severe weather preparedness week and how you can keep you and your family safe in the state of Indiana visit https://www.weather.gov/ind/

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