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Dan Ridenour and Suzanne Crouch speak at Erskine Green Training Institute for Disability Awareness Month

What they had to say about House Bill 1160

MUNCIE, INDIANA. — Mayor of Muncie, Dan Ridenour and Lieutenant Governor of Indiana Suzanne Crouch visited Erskine Green Technical Institute to give a press conference to kick off the first day of disability awareness month. City officials are hoping to bring awareness to the unemployment rate of those with intellectual or physical disabilities. 

Ridenour stated, “Erskine Green provides an opportunity for those with intellectual and physical disabilities.” Suzanne Crouch also was given the opportunity to speak at the conference and stated, “I am here to highlight the importance of Erskine Green Training Institute.

Crouch believes that house bill 11-60 is the most important part behind giving those with disabilities the opportunities they deserve in the workforce. 

I was able to speak with Crouch myself and she stated, “House bill 11-60 actually provides workforce training for hoosiers with disabilities.”

Ridenour and Crouch also focused on  the statistic that the unemployment rate for hoosiers with disabilities is 80 percent and that the unemployment rate for those who do not have disabilities is 3.1 percent. 

Several of the people in attendance have disabilities and are a part of the Erskine Green Training Program. They were given the opportunity after the conference to visit with Ridenour, Crouch, and other officials from Erskine Green to introduce themselves, ask questions, and thank the city officials for coming out. 

The press conference overall was a success in Ridenour’s eyes. He shared that moving forward they will strive to get the unemployment for hoosiers with disabilities to a way lower number. 

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