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Botsford-Swinford Equinox Concert

An Equinox concert in the dorm over the weekend.

MUNCIE, INDIANA. --- This weekend, Ball State’s Botsford-Swinford dorm hosted an Equinox Concert. The home of the media major students was able to experience eight different bands to perform throughout the day.  

Garrett Tur is the Equinox Coordinator. In his second consecutive year leading this event, he has already been leading and planning the annual event since October.  

This festivity welcomes all majors- including those not in the media- to watch the campus bands, Muncie bands and other bands from around the area. It is a student-led concert that Tur supervises; he has a large impact on students in the current role he is in.  

“[Changes are] what the students want- to a certain extent to empower them to make some of these big choices and I can help them make it possible,” Tur said.  

Tur explains “the tradition began two years ago from a previous Academic Peer Mentor that I just wanted to help out with.” 

With such an organized event, the planning for this year looked a lot different than it did last year. Tur learned a lot and even added a food truck and platform in order to enhance the experience this year. 

Though this is only the second year, Tur can pinpoint his favorite part. 

“When I see the first eleven-by-seven poster come back from printing, it’s starting to get real… I think that’s a good feeling,” Tur said.  

According to the report, the Equinox Coordinator hopes to continue the annual concert and broaden its success and awareness in the local community.  

Contact gjtur@bsu.edu for more information.