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Ball State’s Christy Woods

Christy Woods has so much to offer to people who visit.

Jacob Musselman, DN
Jacob Musselman, DN

MUNCIE, INDIANA — Ball State University’s Christy Woods has a couple new friends that have been spotted visiting the property. 

These friends are two cute foxes whose names have not been decided yet. If you check in with @ballstateuniversity on instagram, they will be posting the results of the names very soon.

Christy woods is always making each day an adventure for their crew, and even Christy Woods’s John Taylor says, “we are always trying new things and looking to grow our woods in different ways.” 

John says Christy Woods “has so many different species and I have been here for enough years to see some pretty cool things.”

The woods also has three greenhouses to offer. The Teaching and Research Greenhouse, the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse and the Environmental Studies Greenhouse are all full of unique plants and animals. 

Each greenhouse has a different purpose and is themed with specific species.

John Taylor says, “Christy Woods provides so much to the community that needs to be shared.” 

The woods serve as an outdoor teaching laboratory for not only students, but the community. You can find bulletin boards throughout the property and even tours being given.

John Taylor says, “the property and greenhouses are used for students and education, but what’s also exciting is that Christy Woods is open to the public as well.”

Whether that be trails, wetlands, and even soon to be named foxes; Christy woods is definitely something to not miss out on. You can even check out Christy Woods Instagram for some more updates. @christywoods_bsu 

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