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Ball State, Muncie Schools promote “Substitute Academy”

Ball State encourages students to attend the new substitute academy.

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NewsLink) — Ball State students can make a little extra money by helping their community and filling the gap of understaffed schools.

Currently, Indiana is still experiencing a teacher shortage that spans the entire country. While the shortage has caused headaches for many, the substitute teacher shortage is much larger.

To help ease the stress, Ball State’s recent partnership with Muncie Community Schools has created a substitute academy.

In an email sent out to some Ball State students, it details how requirements for substituting in Indiana are at a level where any student with any major attending Ball State is eligible.

The academy will help Ball State students become familiar with the process and be more comfortable in the classroom.

More information will be made available March 13 and 14 at 4 p.m. in room 269 in the David Letterman Communication Building.

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