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Ball State Athletes from around the globe

Ball State continues to attract and recruit athletes from across the globe.

MUNCIE, INDIANA – Ball State University is a home away from home to many student athletes whose hometowns come from as far as overseas. Cameron Andry, head coach of the women’s golf team, is always on the lookout for the best available players. 4/7 players on his team are from outside the continental United States.

“I went to Indiana for a golf tournament and there was a panel of coaches. The coaches from here [Ball State] spoke on their behalf and ever since, I reached out to them”, says freshman golfer, Madelin Boyd on her recruitment process.

Another golfer on Andry’s team, Jasmine Driscoll, recalled the recruiting process being a little bit simpler than her teammates.

“I sent some emails out and then whoever replied, I had a chat with.”

The international athletes aren’t just limited to the women’s golf team, as the women’s basketball team also has 4 overseas athletes on their team. Freshman Hana Mühl is happy with her decision to play under head coach Brady Sallee.

“The first moment when I talked to the coaches, I knew that was the fit for me and the style of game I play,” said Mühl.

These three players all commented on the changes they had to endure when coming to a new country. Mühl and Driscoll commented on their adjustment to the time change. Driscoll went on to talk about her adaptation to the cars driving on the opposite side of the road.

“When I’m walking, I don’t know which way to look. I almost got run over a couple times. Madelin has to stop me sometimes on the road”.

No matter how far from home they are, these athletes all found their place on their respective teams. These three freshmen are set to make their mark in the United States for the next few years.

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