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Wildfire Pizza & Cafe opens in the Muncie Mall

Wildfire Pizza & Cafe is located in the Muncie Mall next to Rue 21.

MUNCIE, INDIANA — A new addition was made to the Muncie Mall late last year. Co-owners Jeffrey Chatman and Brian bell believed a new pizza joint would do well and Muncie and so far, they say it’s doing just that.

“Things have been good so far…they’re looking up,” Chatman said.

One might say that their special sauce plays a part.

“I can tell you pretty clearly what sets us apart. From the crust, to the cheese, we have the absolute finest ingredients. We did not spare a penny on that, and that’s something we’re staying very firm [with],” Bell said. 

Opening up a restaurant is their plan of action for helping revamp the mall. 

“Part of what I do professionally on the side is look for buildings like this that need leasing increased and so being a Muncie boy, we determined we really wanted to put something here and try to help the mall grow,” Bell said.

If this works, Bell and Chatman are also looking at adding an ice cream shop, arcade and even bringing a movie theater back to the Muncie Mall. According to the co-owners, what really sets them apart from all other pizzerias is their dedication for providing quality food to the city of Muncie.

“We aren’t a chain. So that gives us the flexibility to be more diverse when it comes to options and the things that we’re able to do,” Chatman said. “So I think that’s what sets us apart, we’re willing to spend the extra money to purchase higher quality ingredients.”

Wildfire pizza is one of many new businesses to find its home in the Muncie Mall. You can visit them any day of the week and enjoy a nice slice of pizza, or even some boba lemonade. You can visit their website https://www.wildfirepizzacafe.com/home-page for their hours and full menu.

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