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Warmer days and rain

Today - It will be a pleasant February day with a high of 39 degrees. Expect it too be partly cloudy as well.

Tonight - With a temperature of 31 degrees for the evening, the evening will not look too different from the day. More clouds will move in from the north as well, so it will be a mostly cloudy evening.

Tomorrow - It will warm up to a high of 48 degrees for the day. It will be partially cloudy as well.

7-Day Forecast- As we head towards Monday we will be warming up, and reach our 7 day high of 61 degrees. There will also be a 90 % chance of rain that day, so make sure to grab a jacket. Temperatures will dip to a high of 47 on Tuesday, but warm back up until Thursday, where we will se a 30% chance of rain.

- Weather Forecaster Ian Kowalski

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