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Tax season assistance on campus

This resource on campus helps students and staff with this year’s tax season.

MUNCIE, INDIANA--- Tax season is now until April 15 and Ball State University is offering a free service for students to learn and file their taxes for free. 

A resource on campus called VITA, which stands for volunteer tax income assistance, located in the Whitinger Business Building is available not only for students, but staff as well to file their taxes for free under a certain threshold. 

“The first limitation is you have to make under $57,000, so most students fall under that category. Additionally, due to IRS limitations, we do not do self employment taxes or any niche kinds of taxes,” said Ashley Richardson, Graduate Assistant and VITA certified volunteer. 

Through the VITA program, you can upload your information and they will file your taxes for you, or you can file your taxes by yourself through VITA and have volunteers at your assistance to guide you through it. 

“You can file your own taxes, it is very simple, it can just be intimidating because it is a lot and it can be overwhelming even for professionals so we make sure it is understandable,” Richardson said. “Understanding (taxes) is super important, it makes you more independent.”

A few students on campus were asked if they were aware that this resource is available to them and how they file their taxes currently. 

“No, I did not know that, I file my taxes myself through turbotax,” said Ethan Davies, a senior at Ball State. 

“No, I didn't  know that, I know you gotta do them, I know you got to get all your W2’s, and that's really all I know,” said Sidney Houston, another Ball State senior. 

“I actually did know that from my finance class,” said Gabby Newkirk, a freshman. 

If you are a student or staff member who wants to utilize this service, you can find more information and contact them by going here. 

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