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SGA Vice Presidential candidates take the floor

Monet Lindstrand and Taylor Perry discuss their campaign’s goals.

MUNCIE, INDIANA--- The final debate of the 2023 SGA election season happened Wednesday night and the vice-presidential candidates took the stand. 

Both candidates discussed numerous topics that need to be implemented at the university, but each had specific changes they want to see. 

Taylor Perry with “Empower” wants to have more breastfeeding rooms and bring back a university daycare for students and faculty to use. 

“We want to talk to the university and really voice the opinion that this is something that can really help Ball State,” Perry said.

She said she wants to be a voice for the student body and one of those ways is to have mental health days.

“Students are very overworked so having mental health days where they can recharge and rest is very important to me and I think this should be really important to everyone,” Perry said.

Current Vice President Monet Lindstrand is focusing on sustainability on campus. This includes changes at the dining halls and keeping campus green.

“Having these different options will ensure our university is keeping its pledge to sustainability,” Lindstrand said.

She also discussed how she wants to grow the relationship and diversity in the senate. She wants to expand that relationship to the student body as well. 

“We are making sure we are aware of everything people want to be working on. We have a vast amount of resources and we can help bridge that gap,” Lindstrand said. 

On Monday Feb. 20, the ballot will open at 8 a.m. and close Tuesday Feb. 21 at 5 p.m.

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