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Men's Golf kicks off season

MUNCIE, INDIANA.--- Fresh off their first tournament win of the fall season, the Ball State Men’s Golf is off to Puerto Rico to compete in the Dorado Beach Collegiate Tournament. 

Coach Mike Fleck and the Squad look to use their confidence to play to their fullest potential. With teams like #2 ranked Auburn and #10 ranked Virginia taking part in the tournament, Freshman Carter Smith is hoping the team keeps focus on the course and not get distracted by the daunting task ahead. 

Head coach Mike Fleck is cautiously optimistic ahead of the challenge before them. 

“We’ve got two top 10 teams in the country there currently,” Fleck said, “We’ll see some representation from...the SEC, ACC, Big 10. So, it’ll be a good challenging test for us.”

Smith is also confident in the team’s ability to win this tournament for Ball State. 

“It doesn’t matter if they’re the best team in the country, or the worst team in the country, we’re gonna put up the best that we can put up,” Smith said. 

If you would like to catch the live scoring, visit the Ball State Men’s Golf website to find the link  to follow along and cheer on the Cardinals. 

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