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In with the new

A press conference is held for the new Ball State Athletics Director Jeff Mitchell.

MUNCIE, INDIANA --- The search is over for Ball State Athletics who has officially found their new Athletics Director in Jeff Mitchell. 

After former Athletics Director Beth Geotz left her position this past semester, Ball State has been on the hunt for the best candidate to fill her shoes. 

On Friday, Feb. 3, Ball State Athletics received the news they had been waiting for. Ball State president Geoffrey Mearns selected Jeff Mitchell as the new Athletics Director for Ball State. Mitchell is making the move to Muncie after stints as a deputy director and an associate and interim athletics director at both Santa Clara University and the University of Mississippi. 

Mearns believes that Mitchell is the perfect man for the job and will move the athletic program in a positive direction.

“Jeff has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, to integrity, to courage, to social responsibility, to inclusiveness, and to gratitude,” Mearns said.

During the press conference, Mitchell highlighted that he is excited for the opportunity and wants to lead the program to new highs under his guidance. 

“As Director of Athletics, I vow to be a great teammate as we advance Cardinal Athletics to greater success and I look forward to unlocking our full potential together,” Mitchell said. 

As Mitchell continued his speech, he stressed the importance of the athletics department, the student athletes and the coaches to strive for greatness not only on the court, but in their communities. 

“We are in the development business. I want to help develop winners and I want coaches and student athletes to be people for others in the spirit of excellence,” Mitchell said.

Along with Mearns’ confidence in Mitchell’s hiring, the new athletics director has also received the full trust of members of the Ball State boards and other surrounding athletic departments. Mike McDaniel, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, heard the news and immediately knew Mitchell would be a good fit.

“Within five minutes after it was posted that you were going to be the next athletics director for Ball State, my friend Carl Heck right here who worked in athletic departments at both Butler and Penn State said you couldn’t get a better hire.”

Mitchell will step into his new role and officially take command of Ball State Athletics on March 20, 2023.

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