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Electronic music concert

Music concert held at Ball State's Sursa Hall.

MUNCIE, Indiana.---A Ball State University professor continues the more than 50-year tradition of hosting an electronic music concert.  

Dr. Chan is the assistant professor of music composition and hosts two electronic music concerts per semester in Sursa Hall; today marks the first of two. Chan claims that these concerts consist of a variety of composers from “faculty, students, and guests”.  

He also says that these concerts are made possible by “combing the contributions of his friends and colleagues all over the world in addition to the curriculum of the ensemble”. These creations are showcased through recorded videos and live performances.  

As director of the ensemble, Chan also gets the reward of participating in the performances and says, “[My] favorite part is probably during the performance when I am playing with the ensemble on stage”.  

“This is an ongoing series [in which] we like to present electronic music that [is] not familiar to the public, and we like to promote this kind of music,” Chan said. 

With this goal in mind, Chan intends to keep the practice going and spread awareness for this style of music.  

According to the report, Chan is already preparing for the next concert that is to occur in April.  

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