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City Council President Jeff Robinson announces run for mayor

Robinson has been the City Council Representative for District 2 since 2020

MUNCIE, INDIANA..---City Council President Jeff Robinson announced his run for Muncie mayor last month.

Robinson (D) announced his candidacy at the Guardian Brewing Company where his speech was filmed and later uploaded online.

The current councilman is campaigning with the tagline “Putting Muncie First!” which, according to his website, means committing to local business, investing in the community, and an ethical framework for decision-making.

“Truth be told, I’d rather surround myself with smart people who sometimes disagree with me. That’s where the real change, the real solutions happen,” Robinson said.

During his speech, Robison stated that he has intended to run for mayor for a few years now. His original plan was to serve on the city council for a couple of terms.

“It’s always been my intention to run for mayor one day,” Robinson said. 

Robinson is running under the democratic ticket, and you can find more information on his campaign website elect-jeff.org.

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