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Celebrating National Random Acts of Kindness Day

A Facebook page called Larry’s Legacy has been created in honor of Larry “The Can Man” Van Ness.

ANDERSON, INDIANA — February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day and Larry’s Legacy, a local charity in Anderson, is doing what they can to celebrate. 

Local businesses in Anderson, such as Build Your Own Burrito and Cultured Urban Winery, are holding fundraisers today. And tomorrow, Larry’s Legacy is holding a can tab drive at the McDonald’s on 14th Street in Anderson for Ronald McDonald House.

“Find someone, or more than one person, to do something nice for whether it’s a random act of kindness or just being nice to somebody that you already know,” organizer Rachel Lee Landers said. 

The charity organization was created after the death of local celebrity Larry “The Can Man” Van Ness back in October 2022.

But kindness isn’t the only thing they’re celebrating; February 17 is also Larry Van Ness Day in Anderson.

“How fitting that his birthday and Random Acts of Kindness Day are the same day,” said Landers.

Van Ness was known around Anderson for collecting can tabs that he donated to the Ronald McDonald House. Before his death he had collected around 26.5 million tabs and was working towards 27 million.

“He was just all about helping people in one way or another. If he saw someone that needed help and he was able to provide something to help them, then he would do that,” Landers said. 

Landers grew up in Anderson but didn’t meet Van Ness until 2015 and they became fast friends.

“He was just someone that I wanted to spend time with,” Landers said. 

Towards the end of his life, Landers became Van Ness’ caregiver. After his death, Landers helped to create Larry’s Legacy.

Larry’s Legacy is an organization focused on honoring Larry’s memory and giving back to the Anderson community and other charities. 

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