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Brown Family Amphitheater in final stages of completion

The amphitheater is expected to be completed before fall classes in 2023.

MUNCIE, INDIANA. - The Brown Family Amphitheater is close to completion after seven years in the making. 

“So rewind, we created a campus masterplan in 2015 to start to introduce the concept,” Associate Vice President For Facilities Planning and Management James Lowe said. 

This concept was proposed to donor Charlie Brown in 2020. Brown provided 3.1 million dollars for the design and then ultimately for the construction.

The ultimate goal of the space is to benefit the students.  

“Charlie is very aware of the fact that these projects lead to student success, and so that was a driving force, and community involvement,” Lowe said. 

The amphitheater is expected to be used for students, talent shows, classroom activities and community events. The amphitheater falls under the college of fine arts and is expected to also be used for theatrical events. 

“We are in the final stages. The process is dependent upon the weather in Muncie, Indiana. [So] we will start establishing the final look of the grade and the grass will be planted sometime in April,” Lowe said. “We are hopeful, with good weather, this venue will be ready for use before fall classes begin in ‘23.”

No matter what the use of the Brown Family Amphitheater will be, the overall goal of its use remains the same. 

“I go back to Charlie’s emphasis, which was what can we do to enhance the student experience at Ball State University, what can we do to provide a facility that will help the community as well,” Lowe said.

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