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AI/Chat GPT Panel Discussion

Ball State Professors discuss AI / Chat GPT in courses

MUNCIE, INDIANA.--- Ball State University had a panel meeting on February 27th, 2023 to discuss the effects AI / Chat GPT has had on course learning objectives.

The AI essay generator has become a common resource for people to use to have their work written for them. Sociology, English, Computer Science and many more departments made up today's panel and audience to discuss how the AI essay writer is affecting the learning style in Ball State’s courses and why it is important to learn about. 

Joshua Fisher is a professor at Ball State University.

“I feared AI when it first came out. Then I realized it can be used for an advantage,” Fisher said.  

The panel then went on to discuss how AI / Chat GPT can be used in the courses for beneficial purposes rather than something professors convince students not to use. 

Members of the panel discussed how the AI essay writer is not going away anytime soon, it is only going to grow. They are introducing new ways for artificial intelligence to be incorporated in their courses for educational purposes rather than it being seen as a negative resource. 

Panel and audience members had an eventful discussion about what AI can and cannot do to benefit a course. 

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