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A Valentine’s Day social event

The Asian Student Union and Student Government Association hosted a Valentine’s Day social event for students on campus.

MUNCIE, INDIANA — Ball State University’s Asian Student Union and Student Government hosted a Valentine’s Day social Event in which students were able to gather together, get to know each other and eat sweet treats. 

Katrina Leming, the Campaign Manager, was there to present and provide information on what SGA is doing to help the environment, campus safety, Ball State transportation and more. 

Leming said she is looking into different ways to have biodegradable containers and flatware at all dining locations on campus. She also said she is hoping to convince Ball State to add another Blue Loop bus as well as add more bus stop shelters across campus. 

Leming was there as well to speak on behalf of campus safety. She proposed to the students attending the event for Ball State to incorporate more blue light emergency talk boxes across campus. She also advocated for sexual assault awareness month coming up in April and provided students with sexual assault information. 

One of the students in attendance said his main purpose for being at the event was to get an idea of who he should cast his vote for in the student government election. He also said he was happy to support the multicultural center and the event helped him connect with other students. 

For more information on the event, you can contact the Asian Student Union at ballstateasu@gmail.com or visit the Multicultural Center on campus during business hours. 

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