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A-I Online Essay Writer

Students at Ball State respond to online essay writing tool

MUNCIE, Indiana--- Across the country, people are acknowledging that the education landscape may be altered by artificial intelligence. In roughly one minute, the A-I essay writer can write a five paragraph, 500 word essay over any topic you ask of it. You can also insert in the A-I essay machine that you don’t want the essay to be plagiarized and it will create an original essay. Ball State students respond to how the essay writer can and cannot be beneficial. 

Emily Keck is a junior at Ball State and said “I think it is good for people learning how to code. The website helps with learning that, but if you aren’t using it to learn, that is considered plagiarism.” 

Another Ball State student, Katie Kois said “The purpose of writing your own essays is to learn while you do it, and having something to write for you, will mean you lose that learning skill.” 

This website is not new but the accessibility to it has become new and extremely popular. The use of the website is continuing to grow and so are people’s understanding of whether or not the website is useful or not. Ball State students find the essay writing website to be very controversial. 

Senior Camryn Allen is an education major and said, “it’s hard to learn how to create authentic writing when you don’t do it yourself.” 

Other students have said it can be beneficial to one’s learning. 

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